Staircase from Department SDM - Architecture in Motion Workshop

Anyone who is a regular to this page will know I love staircases, and this flowing walnut example is a fantastic spin on the traditional cantilever frame staircase. Rather than featuring simple beams jutting out from the wall that rest freestanding in the air, these forms curve up and over to make up a complete, interconnected set of steps. The staircase can be seen from almost every part of the property; making it a focal point and ‘articulator of spaces’. 

See more of the property at: Platforma Arquitectura


Mountain Panoramas

  • Cima Coldai, Italy source
  • Kristinartindar and Morsandular, Iceland source
  • Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, China source
  • New Zealand source
  • Aiguilles Rouges National Nature Reserve, France source
  • Kirkjufell, Iceland source


aurora borealis over the april 2010 eruption of iceland’s eyjafjallajokull volcano, photographed by (click pic) ragnar th. sigurdsson, james appleton, mike herbertdavid martín castán and kristinn r. kristinsson



Alberta, Canada.

These make alberta look like it’s a nice place to be. HA!