I could use your help!

Hey, guys! Amazon Prime is FREE for 6 months with a student e-mail account! Plus, if you follow this link to sign up for it I get $10 credit, which would be super helpful for buying my textbooks this semester! 

If you don’t want your Prime membership to continue after your free 6 months are up, just go to your Account Settings after you sign up and turn off the automatic renewal option. 

Even if you don’t use Amazon, if you have a student e-mail it’d be great if you could just sign up so I can get the $10 credit!


Driving through campus everybody stops and stares…

…because they hear me scraping over every damn speed bump.

Good driving songs?

I need to make a playlist!

definitely one of the craziest accidents i’ve seen…

(Source: ForGIFs.com)

Recent Mug Shots

Can you find what they have in common?